• Spa & Hydrotherapy Treatments

Natural Facial


Complete treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a light massage of the face, shoulders and chest area. We apply a special hydrating facial mask, which is complemented with a steam application and high frequency. Your face not only will look healthy, it also will be radiant.

Body Scrub

When the top layer of dead skin cells is sloughed off by a dry brush, scrub, salt, clay, sugar or seed rub, the underlying layer reveals a fresher, more radiant complexion. We give two kinds of exfoliations during the treatments: a manual exfoliation with the product of your choice and the other is done with a body brush and cleansing gel. All of our recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Body Wrap

Choose one of our wrap recipes: moisturizing (chocolate) or clay. Let the product penetrate your pores by the heat application producing an evident change in your skin. This treatment begins with a body exfoliation, which optimizes the effect of the wrap and ends with a light facial and a moisturizing massage.

Scottish Shower

A high pressure-hose provide a warm/cold and concentrated hydrotherapy massage while one remains standing. Improves circulation fortifying the vascular system and is a source of revitalization.


Aquatic bodywork involving stretching and Shiatsu (pressure-point techniques) while floating in warm water. The water temperature of 97º F is ideal for experiencing a sensation of deep relaxation. Gentle stretching increases flexibility and strengthens muscles.

Vichy Shower

As part of a process involving wraps and scrubs, a Vichy shower uses multiple elevated showerheads spraying massaging jets of water. It improves relaxation of muscles and nerves.

Floatation Therapy

Floating is another form of hydrotherapy and is the only one in Costa Rica, it takes place in an enclosed pool, without light, in body temperature water made buoyant by the addition of sea and Epsom salts. This therapy intimately connects your body and mind and induces an extremely deep state of mental and physical relaxation, helping to eliminate stress and tension.


This is the classic steam bath in a real Arabic Hammam. This treatment cleans the respiratory ways and is used to heal the classic affections of the respiratory system; releases the epidermis from impurities and dead cells and also improves blood and lymphatic circulation. This treatment is recommended to be used before a body exfoliation and/or body wrap treatments ending with a massage.


Dry heat room where temperature is maintained at 80º F degrees. The dry bath improves arterial pressure, reduces rheumatism and joint pains as well as muscular contractions; it also helps the basal metabolism and eliminates toxins; it is very relaxing.

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