Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat
Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat

ElaineMH / New York City, New York / Date of review: Mar 10, 2011


I went to Asclepios to recover from a bout of ill health and it more than met my expectations. Almost all the spa treatments were excellent, especially the steam steam "hamam" and the Scottish shower. The most impressive aspect was the staff who were willing to meet every need, including arranging for horse riding at the establishment next door (excellent horses). The food was outstanding and exceptionally healthy, the pool small but gorgeous, the surrounding hills beautiful, the heath advice very helpful, and the convenience of the hotel 20 min from the airport makes is an easy and relaxing destination. The retreat is spectacularly decorated by the owner in a tasteful and elegant fashion. This is an adult retreat that is suitable for individuals or couples. Can not say enough about the excellence of Asclepios, its owner, and the staff.

Mo 2284 / Chicago, Illinois / Date of review: Feb 9, 2011

"AMAZING !!!!!"

This place was absolutely AMAZING! I would recommend it to everyone. I cant say enough good things about it, the views, the design, the food everything was absolutely beautiful. Its a must visit on your trip, you will not be disapointed.

BUTravel / Boston, Massachusetts / Date of review: No v 15, 2010

"Great place to just relax. "

Asclepios is just wonderful. The rooms details are incredible, beds are very comfortable, food is great and talk about the treatments. The sense of peace and relaxation is something I would recommend anybody that goes to Costa Rica to experience.

Andreita / San Jose, Costa Rica / Date of review: Aug 26, 2010

"Beautiful hotel. excellent service and phenomenal treatments !!!! "

I stayed with my partner and we had a very RELAXED, QUIET and CONSENSUS !!! the hotel is charming, the view and the service are excellent. the food is of the best level !!! We definitely want to return to receive the excellent SPA treatments they provide.

Shirocko / San Jose, Costa Rica / Date of review: Sep 6, 2010

"The best option in Costa Rica"

Just relaxing, very clean. the location is excellent, all treatments are simply relaxing, you feel surrounded by nature pure. A nice relaxing experience.

fionahen / Grand Rapids, Michigan/ Date of review: Aug 10, 2010

"Exceeded my expectations - an incredible week of rest and healing"

My Mother and I stayed here the first week of August. We searched the internet for the right "wellness retreat" and found that this met our requirements. Small, intimate, organic food, ionized pool, triple filtered drinking water, inclusive treatments.

The service was amazing and we felt like part of a family during our stay. The owner, Marisia Jimenez had a very well thought out vision for the retreat which has actualized into an incredible reality. She will go out of her way to help you and provide the right diet and treatments during your stay. The rooms are simple and luxurious and very comfortable.

I would highly recommend Asclepios for anyone looking to get away to rest, relax, heal, detox or learn to eat better etc.

ford29 / Alabama / Date of review: Jun 21, 2010

"Great trip! Exceeded our expectations !! "

The PERSONNEL Knew What They Were doing and were very professional. The Accommodations and food were excellent. The organization and administration of the week was excellent. We Were Impressed the most with the Attention to detail and the sensibility of the program and the staff to the clientele.

Susanna1 / Middleton, WI / Date of review: Mar 31, 2010

"One of Life Most Memorable Experiences"

My stay at Asclepios Healing & Wellness Retreat was phenomenal. The facility was brand new, beautifully designed and executed and so very comfortable. The food was phenomenal. It was individually tailored to my needs and wants. The services received were excellent. The Director had chosen very qualified personnel to perform the different services and was very open to meeting my needs and changing services when necessary. I was well rested and so satisfied when I left. I would recommend to anyone who needs to get "quiet time", get away from stress and other distractions and immerse themselves in luxurious accommodations, food and services. Its definitely on my list to revisit every couple of years.

papillon / Paris / Date of review: Nov 18, 2009

"Very quiet and elegant. Excellent food. "

We went to the beginning when it was not finite. Then we can not criticize much. What we can say is that the food is very rich and the restaurant service very nice. The director too. The room is very nice and elegant. But let's think that the price is too high.