Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat
Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat

7 Nights Detox Program

If it is true that we are what we eat, we are all in great danger of becoming something compact, that is heated in the microwave, attached to chemicals and packaged in cellophane. In many ways, our eating habits have deteriorated, leading to a gradual loss of energy that results in great fatigue. What to do?.

The answer is a cleansing of the organism with the supervision of a naturopathic doctor. You are going to love the energy that the feeding program is going to give you and in passing you will lose some superfluous kilos.

Our body, especially our liver, work extra time to eliminate waste and other toxic substances that we saturate daily. These toxic elements include pesticides and growth hormones that we consume with our food, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and hard to digest substances such as dairy products.

Feeding only organic products, limiting the amount of chemicals that saturate our body, allows the liver to perform a purification work. In the same way, by feeding on the freshest and most nutritious products, directly grown in our garden, we revitalize our organism eliminating the desire for empty foods such as refined flours and white sugars.

This program incorporates a light diet with vegetable juices that effectively rests digestion, alkalizes the system and allows the kidneys and liver to start removing toxins.

Therapies to improve lifestyle include movement techniques and physical exercise sessions as well as yoga. You will also learn the Tibetan rituals of rejuvenation to acquire strength and balance.

Includes per week

Minimum one week of stay

  • 3 organic and bioenergetic meals per night of accommodation.
  • Participation in our daily physical activities (yoga, pilates or acuafit, according to our schedules).
  • Use of our gym and hydrotherapy rooms, which include natural ionized pool, cold pool, and jacuzzi.


  • 1 Shiatsu Massage
  • 1 Flotation therapy
  • 1 Watsu
  • 1 Podoreflexology
  • 1 Lymphatic massage with aromatherapy
  • 2 Scottish showers
  • 1 Session in the Hammam + exfoliation + wrap
  • 1 Hot stones healing massage
  • 1 Nutrition Consultation
  • 2 Sauna and rest sessions
  • 1 Cooking class

Rates in High Season (December 1 - April 30)

Rate per person in single occupancy: US $ 2875

Rate per person in double occupancy: US $ 2195

*Rates do not include 13% of government taxes

Rates in Green Season (May 1 - November 30)

Rate per person in single occupancy: US $ 2615

Rate per person in double occupancy: US $ 2075