Our mission

Our mission at Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat is to invite each one of you to actively participate in your wellbeing. Pure air, pure water, pure food, pure thoughts are essential to good health and good health to happiness. Our wish is to accompany you back to living in harmony with nature, with ourselves, others and, by extension, with the entire universe.

Our quest is to rediscover the ancient wisdom and health techniques that have helped strengthen the human being throughout the ages, not only with regard to the physical body, but more importantly, bringing health to the being which vibrates with feelings; the emotional, mental and spiritual being which lives in a process of continuous change and transformation.

In a world where tension and stress occupy an ever growing place in our existence, our mission is to awaken you to the peace and joy of living.

We do this by restoring the person’s whole being to its natural state of balance, by correcting such diverse factors as improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of a correct oxygenation, negative thought patterns and their emotional impact, medical intoxication, and the lack of rest or restorative sleep, among others.