Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat
Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat


Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat participates in the CST certification program developed by the ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Bureau). The program seeks to categorize and certify tourism companies according to the degree to which its operations comply with a model of sustainability evaluating 4 key areas:

The Biological Physical Environment: Evaluates the interaction of the company and its surrounding natural environment and promotes the implementation of policies and programs for sustainability among others.

The Socioeconomic Environment: Evaluates the interaction of the company with adjacent communities, development of the region, creation of jobs, and achieved benefits which support the community.

The Physical Service Plant Environment: Evaluates aspects of systems and internal processes of the company in waste materials, recycling and use of technologies for water and energy savings.

The Client Environment: Evaluates the actions taken by the establishment to invite the client participation in the implementation of sustainability policies of the company.

  • We are affiliated with Friends of the National Parks of Costa Rica, program.
  • We support and promote reforestation campaigns of native species in our property to improve food for wildlife, nesting for birds, soil stabilization and water conservation.
  • We support the Bandera Azul Program at our community school, as well as Dr. Adolfo Jimenez de la Guardia who handles our recycled waste, such as plastic bottles and cans in their Recycle Deposit Unit.
  • Our company is committed to the philosophy of the 4 R’s, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce, as part of our internal management and sustainability policy.
  • Our orchards produce herbs, vegetables, fruits and vegetables without chemicals, supplying the Higia Restaurant with natural, fresh and organic products every day.
  • Our facilities do not compromise the natural habitat, only occupying 1800 square meters of our ​​5 hectares.
  • We use alternative energies such as solar water panels for heating and reusing water to irrigate our gardens.
  • We have an internal waste selection program, separating all the organic matter generated in our kitchen, for compost compost in our gardens. This process is carried out directly in our facilities. The rest of the recyclable material is taken to community centers, duly established for that purpose.
  • We have an internal emergency plan, duly endorsed by the Ministry of Health and an evacuation plan.
  • All our promotional material, as well as the hotel directory and menus of our Restaurant are made with 100% recycled paper.
  • We use soaps without chemicals for washing whites, which are 100% biogradable. We do not use amenities in our rooms and personal hygiene products are found in dispensers. We also do not use Kleenex.
  • Our exterior lighting is low impact for the protection of the species that inhabit the area. Our rooms have ceiling fans, large windows for the circulation of fresh air and we promote the saving of energy consumption, with our external and internal customers.
  • Our work organization periodically participates on environmental talks, improving the general knowledge in related issues like recycling practices, reforestation programs and conservation of exhaustible natural resource such as water.
  • We support domestic producers with small farms, such as handmade soaps factory, handmade chocolates and organic spa products made in Costa Rica.

Thank you for making conscious and sustainable decisions when booking with Asclepios.