Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat
Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat

Anti-Stress Escape

The revitalization program is designed to stimulate and strengthen the immune system with the introduction of live foods, rich in enzymes that stimulate the body vital energy. This program incorporates lifestyle therapies that create a balance of body, mind and spirit with a view to reducing stress and initiating the process towards a long life of health and well-being.

Fresh, organic and raw foods as well as fruit and vegetable juices contain nutrients with great vital force and important concentrations in enzymes, vitamins, alkalizing minerals and trace elements that help to neutralize the toxic acidity in the organism. These foods elevate the microelectric tension of the tissues and improve the ability of the cells to absorb nutrients and excrete metabolic waste.

This program also incorporates algae, bee pollen, hatchlings and other foods that contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, complete proteins and essential fatty acids.

Additional therapies of the program include meditation, which has proved scientifically effective as a healing modality, as well as physical activity and yoga sessions.

You can also learn the Tibetan rituals of rejuvenation to acquire strength and balance apart from walking the beautiful trails of the Cocoa jungle rich in biodiversity.

We will also share with you our natural kitchen with food preparation sessions.

Includes per week

Minimum one week of stay

  • 3 organic and bioenergetic meals per night of accommodation.
  • Participation in our daily physical activities (yoga, pilates or acuafit, according to our schedules).
  • Use of our gym and hydrotherapy rooms, which include natural ionized pool, cold pool, and jacuzzi.


  • 2 meditation sessions
  • 1 Reiki session
  • 1 Asclepios massage with aromatherapy
  • 1 Floral therapy session
  • 1 breathing session (pranayama)
  • 1 Shiatsu
  • 1 Hammam session + exfoliation + vichy shower
  • 2 Scottish showers
  • 2 Sauna and rest sessions
  • 1 Flotation therapy
  • 1 Watsu
  • 1 Hot stones healing massage

Rates in High Season (December 1 - April 30)

Rate per person in single occupancy: US $ 2875

Rate per person in double occupancy: US $ 2195

*Rates do not include 13% of government taxes

Rates in Green Season (May 1 - November 30)

Rate per person in single occupancy: US $ 2615

Rate per person in double occupancy: US $ 2075